I am a physicist, specialized in fluid mechanics and soft matter, currently a post-doc for INRAE at the PIAF laboratory in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Born in the Paris area, I entered preparatory classes at the Lycée Janson-de-Sailly in 2010, before studying Physics and Chemistry at the ESPCI Paris and. After four years including an internship as a research engineer for Schlumberger (Edmonton, Canada) and a research project at the Max-Planck Insitute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation (Göttigen, Germany), I finally chose my way into research. I did my PhD with Thomas Séon and Christophe Josserand at Sorbonne Université, Paris from whence I graduated in 2019. There, I investigated the effect of freezing on drop impacts, a problem of great interest in the field of aeronautics. Then, I was a post-doc in Pr. Alban Sauret’s group at UC Santa Barbara, working on capillary flows of suspensions.

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