I am a researcher working as a post-doc at UC Santa Barbara, in Alban Sauret’s group. My current work consists in the experimental study of capillary flows involving complex fluids, such as suspensions and polymer solutions.

Born in the Paris area, I entered preparatory classes at the Lycée Janson-de-Sailly in 2010, before studying Physics and Chemistry at the ESPCI Paris and. After four years including an internship as a research engineer for Schlumberger (Edmonton, Canada) and a research project at the Max-Planck Insitute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation (Göttigen, Germany), I finally chose my way into research. I did my PhD with Thomas Séon and Christophe Josserand at Sorbonne Université, Paris from whence I graduated in 2019. There, I investigated the effect of freezing on drop impacts, a problem of great interest in the field of aeronautics.

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